Born and raised in Chicago, Ahoo Kosari's passion for dance was ignited the very first time she watched a belly dancer perform; the shimmying hips, undulating motions, and beaded costumes left her enchanted. Soon after, four-year-old Ahoo was emulating these moves at home with a silk sequined pink veil hand-made by her mother. While her Persian culture has catapulted her in the world of middle eastern dance, her formal training began in ballet, modern, and jazz. For the last decade, she has been teaching Persian dance to young kids and adults,  conducting workshops and choreographing dances for Persian New Year programs at Chicago Persian School, University of Illinois, and Northwestern University. Her style is a juxtaposition of earthy and airy,  regal and playful,  classical and whimsical. She loves experimenting, fusing together different styles and genres of dance, especially the fusion of latin dances with middle eastern dances. When she is not dancing, Ahoo, who has a Master of Arts in Writing, is teaching literature and creative writing to high school students in Chicago. Outside of the dance studio and classroom, Ahoo enjoys cooking and experimenting with vegan recipes, hiking and biking with her husband and yorkie, and traveling to new places around our beautiful globe  to learn how others  eat, play, and dance.